AmiraLin HVAC StrapTM

Have you ever found yourself with no where to hang your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) manifold gauges, so you just threw them on the ground? That problem has been solved with the HVAC StrapTM. The HVAC Strap TM is a magnetic HVAC manifold gauge holder, so you don't have to "hassle with the hook." It is proudly made in the USA for HVAC technicians invented by an HVAC technician.


Amiralin Innovations LLC was created in Columbia Missouri in 2012 with three founders and one investor.  It all started at the 2012 Idea Bounce competition that REDI had organized inside its second entrepreneurial summit.  Dan Vande Voorde had competed in the idea bounce competition with a prototype that would come to be known as the HVAC Strap TM. This HVAC manifold gauge hanger will hold your HVAC gauges with a magnet and a strap to make your life so much easier.  



Here is some early feed back, "You have made a great product and my guys are already using them in the field and in the shop. They seem to be a hit too. Keep up the good work. I hope to purchase some more great products from you in the future. Cheers!" David Morris, President, GreenStar Mechanical

Glenn in Chicago, "Just wanted to tell you I received the two straps. I wanted to compliment you and your partners on a nice design. Heavy duty strap material, STRONG magnet, and the bedliner type coating on the metal parts are all great. I'm attaching some pictures of the strap on my go to gauges, the Digi-Cool 1250 digital's, with YJ manifold, and temperature probes. I hung this heavy combination on a cabinet in my truck and the magnet held it up."

The HVAC Strap fits most non-digital gauges and some field fabrication may be neccesary to fit the HVAC Strap to your particular guages.  If you purchase the HVAC Strap for digital guages and it does not fit we will refund your purchase 100%!

To carry the HVAC Strap please contact:

Jennifer Revesz
Sales Support Assistant
Sealed Unit Parts Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 21
2230 Landmark Place
Allenwood, NJ 08720
732-223-6644, Ext. 247