About AmiraLin

Amiralin Innovations LLC was created in Columbia Missouri in 2012 with three founders and one investor.  It all started at the 2012 Idea Bounce competition that REDI had organized inside its second entrepreneurial summit.  Dan Vande Voorde had competed in the idea bounce competition with a prototype that would come to be known as the HVAC Strap (TM). 

Many people were in attendance of the event, more importantly Ray Troy and Clint Mathews from the Allen Ace Fund, the angel fund at the University of Missouri.  The fund thought they should invite some people from the Idea Bounce competition to seek funding and Dan's invention was one of the ones that was invited. After Dan's presentation to the fund, sadly it was not selected for investment.  Clint and Ray thought it was such a good idea that they approached Dan outside the fund and offered to help bring the product to market.  Dan accepted the offer in the summer of 2012 and they have been working on the HVAC Strap (TM) ever since.